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Sprinkler Repair

T&M Landscaping has the ability to provide full-service lawn irrigation systems to both residential and commercial customers.

We use only the highest quality material (heads, valves, fittings and timers).

We are committed to keeping your lawn looking "green and beautiful." Our crew at T&M are licensed and trained to install and maintain both residential and commercial irrigation systems. Below is a brief breakdown of what we as a business provides our loyal customers.

What T&M Does

  • Design a system that is right for you
  • Installation
  • Repair an existing system
  • Maintain new and/or existing systems

Specialized Sprinkler Service

  • Troubleshooting and replace controllers (timers)
  • Repair or replace broken sprinkler heads
  • Add additional sprinklers on to existing systems
  • Diagnose and repair low pressure problems
  • Sticking or leaking valves
  • Drip systems
  • Check valves & PVB repairs
  • Maintain new and/or existing systems


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