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 “AFTER ABOUT 15 YEARS of trying to find some place reliable to have our equipment repaired and maintained, we decided the “do it yourself” approach was a good idea."

T & M LANDSCAPING was first created as a part time family business over 30+ years ago. It eventually grew into a fulltime job and prosperous business. We soon learned that people wanted a quality mowing company and a company that could provide custom landscaping ideas.

about usT&M Landscaping crew at work on the Olive Garden propertyWe have since expanded into a full-service company that does everything from irrigation to fencing to concrete. We take pride in the fact that with our staff we have the experience to do “almost anything” in a quality manner. We also provide full service commercial property maintenance and snow removal services.

AFTER ABOUT 15 YEARS of trying to find some place reliable to have our equipment repaired and maintained, we decided the "do it yourself" approach was a good idea. After a couple of years of doing our own repairs and maintenance we found a lot of people looking for the same thing we had been looking for.

POOF!! a small engine repair shop was born: T&M Power Equipment.

We changed our official title to T & M Landscaping and Power Equipment Inc. We are located at 563 S. Pueblo Blvd to provide better service and accomodate growth at an easy to find location.

Over the years that we have been in business, we have become Echo, Shindaiwa, Walker and Toro Dealers along with numerous other small engine manufacturers. We have multiple factory trained technicians in various fields of small engine, equipment and tool repair and warranty repairs. We strive to service all makes and models of lawn, garden and construction equipment and tools.

We started the small engine repair shop 13 years ago out of a garage and grew from there now servicing upwards of 5,000 customers a year. T & M Power Equipment has new equipment and accessories for everyone to browse in the new showroom.

We invite you to come in and talk to our certified technicians with over 60 years’ experience combined. Toro, Echo, Honda, Bluebird, Billy Goat, Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki and Walker are just a few of the brands we carry and service.

T & M POWER Equipment’s service center specializes in blade sharpening, warranty repair, and convenient pickup and delivery for our customers in surrounding areas. We also buy and sell a large variety of new and used equipment ranging from chainsaws, trimmers, golf carts, go carts etc.

Our management team consist of Terry Lewis, owner and landscape estimator, along with many other shoes he fills. Anthony Frueh is the general manager and operations manager.

Terry LewisTerry Lewis

Anthony FreuhAnthony Frueh

We employ between 15 to 30 people throughout different times of the year proudly helping to support Pueblo. WE HOPE TO continue to serve Pueblo and all the surrounding communities for many more years to come and we would like to thank all our current patrons. 

563 S. Pueblo Blvd., Pueblo, CO

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